The mole bloody mole

"I'm Number 3" -The Mole

The Mole played by Fred Savage is an undercover agent who infiltrates Douglas Powers' organization and becomes Number 3, assistant to Number 2. He is painfully aware of the irony that he is both a mole and that he also has a large mole above his lip. Unfortunately both Austin Powers and Dr. Evil cannot resist commenting on his facial feature. Number 3 succeeds in getting Mini-Me to defect from Dr. Evil's organisation after his displacement by Scott.

The four following quotes, that include the word 'mole', were made in the prescence of Austin and 'The Mole'; two from Austin's pad, and three from the hotel room in Japan: my MOLEstake was added by JadStin Powers

"...Yes, nice to mole you... MEET you! Nice to meet your mole! Don't say mole... I said mole."

"Mole...... Mole...... MOLEY, MOLEY, MOLEY, MOLEY, MOLEY!!!"

"My MOLEstake!!"

"MOLE!! BLOODY MOLE!! We're not supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's a bloody mole WINKING ME IN THE FACE!!"

"I'm gonna cut it off, chop it up, and make some guacaMOLE!!"

Basil Exposition was very cross.

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