Random Task

Random Task (Joe Son) is Dr. Evil's South Korean assassin in the first movie. Direct parody of Oddjob (Random - Odd, Job - Task) in the Bond movie Goldfinger but throws a shoe instead of a steel-brimmed bowler hat.

Although in the first movie, Random Task's shoe took the head off Dr. Evil's statue, it wasn't strong enough to actually take someone's head off like Oddjob's bowler hat. Instead, the shoe gave a bruise on Austin's head. His exact quote was this:

"...That really hurt! I'm going to have a lump there, you idiot. Who throws a shoe!? Honestly, you fight like a woman!"

Since that failed, Random Task started strangling Austin Powers, and Austin pushed away all the items he could've used to defend himself: a fireplace pike was one of them. In the end, Random Task was subject to the 'Swedish-Made, Penis-Enlarger Pump', Vanessa hit him over the head with a champagne bottle, and Austin pushed him down the hallway on the food cart he came in with (The pump still attached), with a large crash.

No more was heard of him after that...

The actor who played him (Joe Son) is now in prison.

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