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Foxxy Cleopatra

"Well the future better be ready for me. 'Cause I'm Foxxy Cleopatra and I'm a whole lot of woman!" -Foxxy Cleopatra

In Austin Powers in Goldmember. A former employee of Goldmember, ees to go back in time with Austin in order to help defeat him.

The character is an amalgam of female characters from 1970's "Blaxploitation" or "Soul Cinema" motion pictures, especially those featuring Pam Grier. The name itself is certainly based on Grier's "Foxy Brown." Another source is "Cleopatra Jones" played by Tamara Dobson. Other elements of Foxxy's character are taken from Grier's characters in the films Coffy and Friday Foster. Teresa Graves' performance in the short-lived crime drama Get Christie Love! might also be an inspiration, but all of the vixens in the "soul cinema" genre might be considered formulaic.

It is briefly hinted.



  • She is largely based on several "Blaxploitation" characters such as Foxxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones.
  • During her and Nigel Powers conversation, it is hinted the two might have had sex during her seperation from Austin. This is further hinted at by Nigel saying she did a "Good job."
  • It is possible she might have slept with Goldmember like the rest of his girls. She is viewed as working "very closely" with Goldmember for a year and is seen as one of his favorite girls.
  • She is the only Austin Girl to engage in any fight with a villain (and beaten every time by said villain).
  • It appears that she can sing very well.
  • Foxxy appears to be a capable pugilist, as seen when she knocked out that Japanese Guard from the Roboto's Industry, implying that she may have taken boxing at some point.
  • Many of the fans have ranked each Powers girl in terms of sexual stamina. Within these rankings, Foxxy has consistently ranked as #4 behind Alotta Fagina and Vanessa Kensington.

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