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Britney Spears as she appears in Austin Powers in Goldmember

Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American pop singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and author.

Austin PowersEdit

Britney Spears appeared in Goldmember as herself. Austin busts in on her during a dance routine. He works his mojo on her and being a fembot her head blows up. She is also seen at the end of Goldmember talking to Mini-Me asking if she can give him her cell phone number.


The Britney fembot sported black leather pants, a golden bracelet on her right wrist, a black leather cuff on her left wrist, black boots and a black leather bra.



Britney Spears


  • Britney Spears was the last bullet shooting fembot to the appear in the series, and the last fembot overall to appear.
  • Britney was the first fembot since the test fembots from the first film to have exposed breasts and an exposed belly.
  • The real Britney's appearance at the end of Goldmember may be an indication that for the whole film, she had gone missing while someone (most likely either Dr. Evil or someone working for him) secretly put a fembot poser in her place. Why the real deal was somewhere else when she had a music video to shoot, however, is unknown. Maybe she was kidnapped and held hostage somewhere on Dr. Evil's submarine for the majority of the film, and was rescued by Mini Me by the time the movie was over.
  • The same way Britney is overloaded and destroyed by Austin Powers is similar to the way he defeated the knockout gas fembots in the first film, only with Britney, he didn't need to do a striptease.
  • There's an inconsistency with the Britney fembot's breast size. When she pulls the gun barrels out of her bra, her breasts are larger and squished together. In every other shot, her breasts are smaller and more apart.
  • Nobody in the studio seemed surprised when Britney popped out her breast guns and started firing bullets from her leather bra. Apparently, the boys behind Britney were scared off by Austin getting his mojo ready, but they weren't too fazed by Britney turning out to be a killer robot.
    • Even Austin Powers somehow predicted that Britney was a fembot and was going to sprout guns from her bra, because he easily dodges her bullets.
    • Not even anyone shooting the music video seemed shocked to find out that the Britney they were filming was an android with guns coming out of her breasts.
  • Britney's leather bra resembles Catwoman's leather bra from the infamous 2004 Catwoman movie.
  • The real Britney starred in the Boys music video along with Mike Myers in his Austin Powers persona.
  • Out of all the fembots that were seen being destroyed, the Britney one was the shortest lived.
  • Out of all the fembots that Austin has met, the Britney one was the only one that he didn't express attraction towards.
  • Britney's sexy appearance didn't work on Austin, even though she wears a black leather bra and black pants, and black is usually considered sexy on a woman.
  • The Britney fembot didn't speak. It only lip synched with the song that was made for the music video.
  • Somehow, the Britney fembot's destruction stopped the music, as if the song was coming out of her.
  • Despite being one of 4 fembots in the Austin Powers film series, Britney is the most overlooked of the bunch.
  • The Britney is the 2nd fembot in the series (after Vanessa Kensington) to have an organic counterpart (provided that the Vanessa from the first film and the fembot in the second are separate characters).
    • Plus, the Britney fembot is the only fembot in the films to be modeled after a celebrity.
  • Unlike the other fembots, there doesn't seem to be a clear purpose for the Britney model's presence, though a possibility is that she was supposed to be a placeholder for the real Britney while she was absent. She may have only attacked Austin to prevent him from ruining her and the studio crew's plans to keep Britney's musical career up and running. Ultimately, Austin destroyed the fembot doppelganger, prolonging the Boys music video until the real deal returned.
  • Britney shot out of her breast guns for the shortest time out of all the fembots.
  • Britney fembot, like the test fembots from the original film, may have not been built to seduce and attack Austin. However, unlike the test fembots, the Britney model actually met face-to-face with Austin.
  • It is unknown if Britney fembot was meant to reveal to the studio or Austin that she was a fembot or not. If she wasn't meant to, then she blew her cover when she revealed her chest guns. She may have never been destroyed if she kept them hidden.
  • Britney is the only fembot who isn't a woman playing a character. Instead, she plays herself, and she's a fembot.
  • During promotion for Goldmember, Beyonce Knowles revealed that Britney requested the role of a Fembot. According to Beyonce, "She (Britney) wanted to wear a bra that shot bullets ... we managed to accomodate her requests".