How to steal mojo

As Fat Bastard steals Austin's mojo in the 1960s, Austin suffers from impotency in the present.

Austin's mojo is the physical embodiment of his libido and the source of Austin's grooviness. It is typically in his "family jewels." With his mojo, Austin was nearly irresistable to all women, capable of seducing almost any woman he wanted. It even had the sex appeal to overpower Dr. Evil's fembots.

Unfortunately, after living all his life with it, in 1999, Austin would experience what it was like to live without it. Dr. Evil, hoping to defeat his archnemesis, hired the spy Fat Bastard to infiltrate Austin's cryo chamber in 1969 and extract Austin's mojo. After successfully knocking the guards out with a nerve gas, Fat Bastard drilled hole in Austin's cryo-tube and, using a giant syringe, sucked the mojo right out of Austin's testicles.

The theft of Austin's mojo could not have occurred at a worse moment. In 1999, as Austin was busy making love to Dr. Evil's assassin, Ivana Humpalot, the International Man of Mystery suddenly found himself unable to perform sexually. He immediately realized that he had lost his mojo as that was the only explanation for the loss of his erection.

Austin then promptly traveled back to 1969 to steal back his mojo, aided by the super sexy CIA operative Felicity Shagwell, arguably Austin's biggest admirer in the world of espionage and had a huge desire to have sex with him. When she tried to seduce Austin in his Shag Pad, Austin unfortunately could not shag her due to his erectile dysfunction, though he later admitted the loss of his mojo. Felicity quickly forgave him and vowed to help Austin get his groove back.

On the moon, despite stopping Dr. Evil's laser and saving Felicity from being poisoned to death with help from his ten-minutes-prior past self, Austin's mojo was destroyed after Dr. Evil through it into the air as he feld his moon base, seemingly dooming Austin to impotence forever. Luckily, thanks to Felicity's love and encouragement, Austin's mojo returned, allowing him to become the shag master he once was again.

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