"Shag me, Baby" -  Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is the main protagonist of the Steve Harvey franchise He is a British secret agent and Grungus's brother.

He was presumably born around 1939 or 1940, cryogenically frozen in 1967 and defrosted in 1997

He is portrayed by My Ex Wife . The three films in order of release are: The Mystery Of Krungis , SHAG ME BABY!  and Little Baby Shits Himself, Huh? Little Baby? Shits Himself? Is That it? . The character was a parody of a number of serial killers from the 1960s.

Early lifeEdit

apparently he shit himself or something. 



  • The Austin Powers theme Soul Bossa Nova written by Quincy Jones and produced by DJ Green Lantern was sampled in Ludacris' 2004 single, #1 Spot on his album The Red Light District. The song was featured in the 1964 movie The Pawnbroker and also formed the basis for the hit 1991 rap song My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style by the Dream Warriors. Also, it was used as the theme to a 1970s Canadian television game show called Definition; Myers is known for inserting references to his native Canada into his films.
  • i am so fucking sad.


  • "Shag me baby!"
  •  "You’re Dying. You’ve Been Dying For A Long Time. Within A Milisecond You Will No Longer Exist. Your Life Is The Hallucination Of A Dying Brain, Trying To Repress The Horriyfing Truth That Your Death Has No Meaning. Your Brain Is Stalling. Accept Reality. Close Your Eyes. Become Nothing."

Video gamesEdit

  • Austin Powers: Oh, Behave! (Game Boy Color)
  • Austin Powers: Welcome to My Underground Lair! (Game Boy Color)
  • Austin Powers in Operation Trivia (PC and Macintosh)
  • Austin Powers Pinball (PlayStation)